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Using the Oils for Mood and Emotional Support

Balance Essential OilElevation Essential OilSerenity Essential OilOh, how I wish I knew about the amazing benefits of essential oils years ago!

It would have helped me with a variety of needs (aches, pains, health, symptoms, you name it!). But one thing I really wish I’d known earlier is their benefits for mood support. Let’s be honest! we all get in our moods from time to time, and some even struggle with severe mood concerns on a daily basis. What’s amazing is the powerful support Essential Oils can be for our mood and emotional health! I wanted to spend a little time on this because there are so many people out there who would love to see the kind of help the Oils can give them.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Essential Oils… you may wonder, “What’s the big deal about them? How can they help?” Especially for those of you who have major issues you’re dealing with, it’s easy to think, “Give me a break! An Essential Oil is not something that can help me. I need real help!” You’re not the first to think that and you won’t be the last! But oil use is spreading like crazy because more and more people are learning about research being done, and they’re finding out that the oils are truly legitimate. I can promise you that your life can be powerfully affected by these oils… even if you don’t know much about them…yet!

So, what are essential oils? They are liquid extracts that are naturally found in plants. Every Essential Oil has anywhere between 50 to over 200 compounds found within it. These are the same compounds that are found in our medicines. When researchers and scientists are looking for something that can help with ailments and diseases, guess where they get the compounds from? PLANTS! They find a compound that is effective and they do one of two things; they either replicate the molecular structure of that compound and make a synthetic copy of it, or they extract that compound from the natural oil. (By the way, the best technology we have is chemical extraction, which means there are residual chemicals left on the compound. That’s one of the reasons we see side affects from our medicines.) The beauty of Essential Oils is that we can use the Essential Oil in their natural form and see amazing support from those compounds…. Just the way they’re found in nature!

The Oils on the plants are there to protect the plant from disease and other things that might destroy the plant. The oils work synergistically with the human body which is why the essential oils work for us in the same way they work for the plant.

While pharmaceuticals definitely have their place, these oils are a natural option that can be used in conjunction with them! It’s amazing to see the scientific studies that show how essential oils can support things like stress, mood, sleep, pain, memory, nausea, digestion/gut health and even energy! This is why I’m so excited to share some of my favorite oils for mood and emotional support. Your body will thank you for learning how to use them!

Mood Support Oils:
  1. Balance– this oil is amazing in promoting a calm and relaxed feeling! It’s known to help ease anxious feels and to evoke feelings of tranquility and balance! It’s very grounding…. a great one to help your kids chill out!
  2. Elevation– elevation is fabulous in elevating mood! It promotes a positive mood and feelings of confidence. It increases your energy and helps lessen feelings of stress. Exactly what is needed to perk you up when you’re in one of those moods
  3. Serenity– serenity is powerful! This restful blend promotes relaxation and soothes the senses! It’s also amazing in promoting a restful night’s sleep! It’s an incredible ‘must have’ to add to your natural solutions arsenal!
  4. Vetiver – This oil has a beautiful smokey woody smell! It helps with tranquility, it’s grounding… it’s used for reassuring, so it’s often used in trauma situations. it helps with self-awareness, it’s calming and it’s also stabilizing. It’s a Nervous System tonic so it helps soothe jitteriness and hypersensitivity and it’s also a great one for feelings of panic and shock. In addition to helping with mood, it can also help support the immune system! It also helps support sleep because it calms worries and other thoughts that keep you from relaxing.
  5. Myrrh– this oil has been used for thousands of years and can help reduce stress and support the thyroid. Myrrh is rich in Sesquiterpenes (around 60%) which can help “erase or deprogram miswritten codes in cellular memory”.
  6. Bergamot – Bergamot is a great support when you need energy, but interestingly, it’s also very calming. it also helps with stress and sleep and if you’re agitated…this oil is very soothing.
  7. Roman Chamomile – Roman Chamomile helps with feelings of anxiousness and deep sadness. It helps support balanced hormones. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, spray a little roman chamomile on your pillow or rub it on the bottoms of your feet. It’s really soothing for people with excessive energy and lack of focus and it’s actually also a great support for allergies.
  8. Ylang Ylang – Ylang ylang is calming and uplifting… use it when you’re agitated or frustrated. It will help support cheerfulness, courage and optimism.
Here are some of my favourite ways to use these oils for mood support:
  1. I love to add a few drops of these oils in my diffuser when it’s a stressful day or when I’m feeling down.
  2. Pick 3 oils that support your mood concerns and apply two or three drops of each oil behind each ear morning and night. If you can tell you need a little extra support during the day, add an application in the middle of the day.
  3. Balance and Elevation are a great combo. I rub 2 or 3 drops of each oil on my wrists or behind my ears and it gives me amazing support.
  4. When I struggle falling asleep at night because I have a lot on my mind that I’m worried about or I’m dealing with jet lag, I’ll put a few drops each of Balance, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Serenity on each foot and then a few drops of Vetiver behind each ear.