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I have had this question asked to me on a number of occasions since March 2020.

Wild Orange Essential OilPeppermint Essential OilsIntune Essential Oil for memory/focusI would always recommend a diffuser as this will be very well used in the years to come. One of the benefits is that everyone can get the benefit of using a diffuser.

There are many oils that can be used in a diffuser whether its for calming, uplifting or anything in between.

For home schooling I would suggest a drop of Peppermint for energy and focus mixed with a drop of Wild Orange for the sweet and further uplift it creates. These can be added to a diffuser or even onto your hands and rubbed into the back of your neck/wrist.

We also have a rollerball called InTune and this is a blend and this can be rubbed onto the back of the neck and can really support memory/focus and stop the distractions so a great one for exams and memory recall. I will add some information here for you to read through:

What People Say…

“Love the oils, they are amazing. Jo is really knowledgeable about her products. She listened to what i needed for my daughter and advised what would be best. There was no pressure to buy. Jo genuinely wants to help people, you can see how passionate she is about that. I can 100% see a difference in my daughters concentration now. Highly recommend Jo and her oils to anyone” Donna Gowan

As always if you have any specific questions, I am always happy to help you anytime.