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Using Essential Oils for Intuition

Essential oils carry high vibrations to assist the mind, body and soul in healing. They are additional tools that can help us reach deeper levels of ourselves and create a peaceful experience that helps us embrace the changes life throws our way. Here are a few Essential Oils that can support you.

  1. Clary Sage is the oil of vision. It has been used spiritually to connect to the third eye opening channels. This oil lifts darkness and helps through emotional crises. It brings clarity, discernment and expansion.
  2. Frankincense strengthens the connection with the world – physically, emotionally and spiritually. It breaks down the walls created from past emotional pain and allows light in. Known as the oil of truth, it brings enlightenment, protection from negative energy
  3. Sandalwood opens the soul to help with healing. This essential oil helps through spiritual awakening when used in prayer for meditation.
  4. Melissa oil can help individual spiritual liberation. Known as the oil of inner light, it uplifts the spirit, attracts high vibrational energy, inspires happiness and optimism. Melissa connects us with our true purpose in life.
  5. Rose oil heals the heart, opens us to give and receive love, and raises the energetic frequency – it is the highest energy oil. Rose, the oil of divine love, attracts compassion, empathy and love.
  6. Roman Chamomile guides you to your true purpose in life. It quiets the mind. It  an essential oil that cleanses the spirit, great when used in meditation.

I would also recommend the following oils for energy, clarity and focus – Peppermint.

Motivate is a blend that contains peppermint and wild orange and will support you with getting motivated and getting on with whatever is needed.

Passion is also a blend that can give you some help with getting motivated.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Motivate Essential Oil

Passion Essential Oil

These oils can be used in different ways – in a diffuser in your room and also adding a drop onto your wrists you can also add a drop to a tissue and inhale.

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