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The many benefits of Essential Oils at Home and at Work

I started using Essential Oils 5 years ago after my youngest daughter sustained a knee and ankle injury and after trying so many therapies, creams, tablets and medicines I had just about given up. I was given a sample of the Deep Blue cream and that sachet changed our lives forever.

Essential OilsAs a family we love the oils and use them everyday for many different reasons – I use the vitamins each morning to ensure that every cell in my body is getting everything that it needs to perform at my optimum. I have a cup of warm water with lemon oil is to wake my whole body up and to get rid of any toxins that have build up during my sleep. Depending on what type of day I am having depends on what type of oils I will use. I love Cheer and use this most days. I also use Peppermint and Orange either on my wrist and back of my neck or in a diffuser. I will use different oils for any issues – I think that the diffuser is such a powerful way to get the oils into our bodies. The On Guard range is a must during the colder months to keep the coughs and colds away. (We use this all year around usually on the heels of our feet). I love a bath with a couple of drops of Lavender oil and Epsom salts – just lovely.

These oils are sourced from the best regions in the world and usually in 3rd world countries so making a huge humanitarian contribution to world and supporting people in need. We have over 70 different oils and they all have their own unique structure and adapt to your body’s needs.

The oils are CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) which means they can be used 3 different ways. On your skin, in a diffuser and in food and drink. They are subject to a minimum of 9 sets of testing to ensure they are the standard expected. On the bottom of each bottle there is a code and if you go onto the source to you website and enter in the code you will see all the information about that oil.

These oils are used on many levels emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Essential Oils

People use these oils as a preventative measure – as an immune support such as On Guard, Frankincense and Oregano, as calming and stressbusters such as Lavender and Serenity, as emotional support and we have a whole range of amazing blends to support such as Cheer, Console, Motivate, Forgive, Peace and Passion. Cleaning such as Lemon, Lime, Melaleuca and Grapefruit. Many people use these oils for work such as focus/energy/clarity – peppermint and InTune. We have certain oils for allergy season and they are Lavender (calm), Lemon (detox) and peppermint (energy) these 3 are also in a softgel and can support hayfever and allergy issues – this is called TriEase. In therapies these oils are also used as they can be inhaled they go straight to the brain and change the emotional state immediately so quite often used as an anchor during counselling sessions. We have a Kids range so empowering them to use the ones they feel they need. The Yoga collection is a great set of 3 oils to help support too.

At home we always have a diffuser on the go with an oil in sometimes it lemon to clear the cooking smells, sometimes its lavender to calm the animals (yes you can use these with animals – please ask me for further information on using oils with pets. They are great for calming and also as a natural flea repellent). If focus is needed we add a drop of peppermint – the list is endless.

Personally I work with a whole range of client and many include anxiety and depression and my go to oil to support this is Balance also known as the Grounding Blend – I add 1 drop to the wrist and the calming effects are quite amazing to witness. I am an athletics coach so supporting clients with sports injuries and also mindset issues is also a big part of my work.

Using Essential Oils In Sport

Not every oil works with everyone so we try different options until we get it right and my client feels better. I also offer an Itovi reading consultation and this measures the energy within the body – it produces a report and for me it is a good place to start as we can see what is going on within the body. We can together then put into place an achievable wellness plan.

We have a whole range of kits that can work out very cost effective and I like to find out as much about the clients as I can and then advise them accordingly.

One of the best options is to come to one of my free classes to learn and experience the oils as there are so many things that they can support you and your families with both at home and at work and even with your pets.

I have this great website and this is where you will find so much information on the oils, ailments, blogs and events too – so please take a look and I love forward to speaking to you soon. I am also on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest as Oils by Jo

With love always, Jo Hunt xxxxx