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Suggested oils for the Autumn Months

Lets get your immune system built up with these amazing oils ready for Autumn

On Guard Essential OilsThe On Guard range we use as a family every evening. The oil is so easy to use simply add 1 drop to any cream and apply onto the heels of the feel before bed. This will really support your body and immune system. A number of my clients also use the beadlets on a daily basis to keep their immune system topped up.

On Guard is great for using in a diffuser in the kitchen/dining area after work and school so the whole family can benefit from this you could also add a drop of Lemon to make it even more refreshing.

On Guard is a blend of a few oils such as Cinnamon, Wild Orange, Rosemary and Clove – its like Christmas in a bottle.

Should you have a sore throat you can simply apply 1 drop to your fingertip and run down the outside of your throat. You can also gargle using 1 drop in a glass of water ( you may not like me for telling you this – but it works). We also have On Guard throat lozengers that can help you.

If you travel to work by train or bus then you really need to use the beadlets as these are confined spaces and the atmosphere will be full of people coughing and sneezing. Also a must if you are going on holiday on a plane you can add a drop to your wrists to protect yourself from the re-circulated air in the cabin.

The On Guard range also has cleaning products and a toothpaste. So you can keep your kitchen’s and work desks all clean too. You can use as a disinfectant for telephones and door handles.

Air Essential OilsShould you have a cough then we have the Breathe/Air range. So many of my clients love the Breathe stick as this is so good for using with younger children and also the elderly. Simply rub onto the heels of the feet and chest as/when needed.

Another great option is the Air oil in a diffuser especially if your younger family are struggling with congestion. One drop of Air really supports and opens up the airway allowing breathing to become easier. You can also add a drop to a tissue and pop into your pillowcase (or on a cuddly toy)

There are also the Breathe lozengers available too for sore throats and difficulty swallowing due to sore throats.

Other suggested oils are:

Oregano – this is such a strong and potent oil for supporting the immune system and must be used with a carrier oil/cream as it is known as a hot oil – so pop a drop onto the heels of the feet in your cream would be a super way to use this. The perfect solution for getting rid of Verucca’s too.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – can support anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial issues that you may have again onto the heels of the feet, onto throat area for sore throats, dab onto mouth ulcers (not nice but works), spots/acne you can use neat onto the areas of concern. Great for adding to shampoo and conditioner to support keeping nits away. Also great for the scalp if it is itchy just add 1 drop to either or both.

Lemon is a fantastic oil to use for detoxing the body – so maybe if you have a viral issue that wont go or simply adding to your warm water in the morning to wake you up, adding to baking or cooking and even cleaning jobs – just perfect!!

I have a few suggested packages for this time of the year so please contact me on for further information. Jo x