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January Recommended Essential Oils

Here we are in January 2020 and I would like to recommend the following oils to you:

High energy and focus – a blend of Wild Orange and Peppermint, this is a blend I make myself split 50/50 with both the orange and the peppermint. I use this everyday to get stuff done by adding a couple of drops to the back of my neck and to my wrists. Great one for the diffuser too.

Each day I rub On Guard onto my wrists and onto the heels of my feet before bed – this just seems to protect me from any viruses (coughs and colds) that seem to go around over the last few months. Also add a drop to my wrists if I go on a plane or train where there is a lot of people in a confined space. A couple of times per week I will also add to my diffuser with a drop of lemon for uplifting too.

After a dog walk I will usually add a drop of lemon to the diffuser as my cocker spaniel always seems to find the water during the walk and comes home wet and smelly after an hour the lemon has worked its magic and the kitchen smells all fresh again.

I also use a lot of lemon and On Guard detergent in my cleaning and also mixed with white vinegar too. Whether its cleaning the kitchen worktops, showers, mirrors or the oven the results are great and knowing its all natural is really important for me and my family.

There is usually a lot of coughs especially in young children and babies and I cant recommend the Breathe Vapour Stick highly enough. It is a blend of Eucalyptus mixed with coconut oil and it can be rubbed onto the heels of the feet (add a pair of socks) and onto the chest area too – this opens up and clear the airways and just works like magic.

A number of people will be getting back into some kind of exercise this month so again I would recommend Peppermint for the energy and focus and also Deep Blue for the aches/pains after the sessions. Depending on what you are doing sometimes rubbing deep blue onto arms and legs before you exercise can also help by warning up the muscles ready for the exercise. (you will still need to do your warm ups and drills and also cool down exercises afterwards)

January’s recommended oils – Peppermint, Wild Orange, Lemon, On Guard, Breathe Vapour Stick and Deep Blue.

Peppermint Essential OilWild Orange Essential OilLemon Essential OilOnGuard Essential Oil BlendBreathe Vapour StickDeep Blue Essential Oil