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Hi, I thought I would share my top recommended oils for the next 3 months.

Terrashield Essential OilTerrashield –

also known as the outdoor blend. This oil can be used by adding 1 drop to your suncream or evening moisture cream to protect you from insects. I also use this with both my cat and dog on a monthly basis. Great for being outside day or evening.

Deep Dlue Essential OilDeep Blue –

also known as the soothing blend. This oil/cream can support any muscle issues. This comes in a cream, oil and rollerball. The oil can be added by added 1 drop to the bath. The cream and rollerball can be applied to any areas of concern.

Copaiba Essential OilCopaiba –

is a great oil for the whole body. One advantage is that it can be taken internally to support from the inside. It can also be added to any carrier oil or cream to any areas of concern.

TriEase Seasonal Blend SoftgelsTriEase –

these are softgels that can support any allergies. They can be taken 1-2 per day. They contain Peppermint for energy, Lemon to detox the allergen and Lavender to calm the body.

Peppermint Essential OilsPeppermint –

this is an amazing oil that can support so many day to day issues. We use peppermint for energy and focus. It also a great oil for cooling. Some clients use this for headaches and migraines.

Lavender Essential OilLavender –

this is a great oil for everything calming. If you struggle with an active brain then this is a great oil for calming the mind and preparing for sleep.

Lemon Essential OilLemon –

this is a great oil for uplifting and as a detox. Also great for adding to drinks, food and cake. Great for popping in your water during the day.

DDR Essential OilDDR Prime –

also known as cellular oil – this is a blend that can be used to support cellular function in the whole body. I use 2 drops in a organic softgel everyday.

Melaleuca/Tea Tree Essential OilMelaleuca/Tea Tree –

this is 1 of the most common used oils for general day to day issues. I have used it recently for toothache.

Wild Orange Essential OilWild Orange –

this is a great oil for uplifting the mood and can really support your emotions very quickly. Such a beautiful sweet smell.

OnGuard Essential OilOn Guard –

also known as the protective blend. We use this oil to keep the immune support topped up. We use this everyday by adding a drop to our wrists every morning and to the heels of our feet at bedtime with a moisture cream.

Oregano Essential OilOregano –

one of the strongest oils and must always be used with a carrier oil. My clients have used this for fungal issues. I have used this oil for keeping my immune system topped up. We have also added a drop for cooking into a chilli or bolognaise.

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