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My TOP 5 client pain points

Copaiba Essential OilDigestZen Essential OilAs you may know I have been working with Essential Oils for over 6 years and during these 6 years I have supported and worked with so many different clients and their concerns. I thought I would put together some of them here, hoping that they may help you one day.

Oils work differently on each individual person and that is why I am here and ready to support you on your wellbeing journey.

I also have a small hand held device called an Itovi and I offer a complimentary consultation which provides us with information that could help us select an oil/s for you. You simply hold the device in your hand and it measure the energy in your body and produces a report based on this. It is a very quick process and takes 5 minutes. You also get a full report of the oils and some suggestions of use with the oils. Please contact me to book a session with me.

1 – Sleep

This is huge for so many of my clients. I have also added a downloadable PDF for sleep.

The first oil I would like to suggest is Lavender. You may be thinking “oh no I have tried that lavender pillow sleep spray – it didn’t work” or maybe you don’t like the smell as it reminds you of old ladies. Well let me tell you about doTERRA’s lavender oil it has such amazing properties that can really calm the whole body systems.

The best way to use this oil is to add a drop to your wrists after dinner. This starts the process of calming the whole body down starting with the brain. Then add 1 drop in with any moisturising cream and put onto the heels of your feet at bedtime. You can also add a drop to a diffuser and also a drop in the bath.

2 – Pain

Pain comes in many different forms as you are aware. However there is 1 oil that I can highly recommend and has been so very beneficial for so many of my clients. Copaiba – and a bonus this oil can be taken internally to help support the body from the inside. You can add a drop to your coffee/tea/water/juice or even your smoothie. Another way to use this oil on a targeted area it to get any carrier oil such as coconut or even a body moisture cream and add 1 drop and rub onto the area/s of concern.

Another great oil you can use for pain to be used topically is Deep Blue. This comes in an oil, rollerball or a cream. You could also use a drop of each in a cream.

3 – Digestion

We are seeing so many more food intolerances in the last few years here in the UK. Additionally many people carry their nerves and worries in their stomach area.

My go to oil for all things digestion is ZenGest also known as Digest Zen. This is a blend of oils that contains seed oils so can support the whole digestion area. There are softgels, oil and the rollerball. There are many ways to support your body – you can use 3 times per day before or after meals depending on your views. You can add 1 drop of the oil to water to drink or you can add a drop into a cream or carrier oil and rub onto the stomach area.

4 – Emotions

This is a huge area for some people. We have just had Mental Health Awareness week and its great to see so many people sharing information and signposting people to all the many different services that there are on offer. So many local charities can really offer some great services too.

doTERRA have an emotional kit and this contains 6 specific oils to help support so many emotions. I have added the emotional wheel here for you to find your emotion and the suggested oils that can help to support you. I always recommend to my clients that they smell the oils and see which one resonates with them. Sometimes the oil they want is not the oil they need.

The oils are blends and they come in the pure oil and as a rollerball. They are called Cheer, Passion, Motivate, Forgive, Console and Peace. My favourite is Cheer, maybe because its yellow in colour and reminds me of the sunshine.(Those people that know me, know I love the sun).

5. – ADHD and Autism

Again this is another huge and popular subject. As I have said above there are so many different types and each body will react differently with each oil.

The main issues I have worked with are lack of speech, irritable, very sensitive, lack of energy and erratic and severe temper outbreaks. There are a few oils that I have recommended and they include Copaiba, Frankincense, DDR Prime, Vetiver, Bergamot, Peppermint and lavender.

I have also done a blog and I hope this will help you.

Emotional Wheel

As always I am happy to talk through any of your concerns, please call me 07770 302504 or email me.