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Supporting your children whilst at University

Oils for University Students

I have been working with families for a number of years trying to help support their teenagers when they go off to university with their health and wellness.

I always like to find out as much as possible about the family so that I can make the mini kit work for them. I find out any hobbies and subjects that they are studying to make the kit more individual for them. I also produce an “How to use guide” to follow along with my contact details should they have any questions.

On Guard

I would always suggest On Guard – to support the immune system and keep them as healthy as possible. There will be lots of late nights, early morning and not so much looking after themselves. So the On Guard can really support here. The best way to use this oil is add 1 drop to the heels of the feet each evening mixed with body cream. This oil can also be used as a gargle for any sore throats.


A popular oil to use for everything calming. Lavender can support sleep issues and stress from late nights and lots of work. This can be added to the wrists on a tissue or even in a diffuser. Lavender can also calm skin irritations.


Also another favourite – this can support energy and focus for study and working long hours trying to get assignments completed. Peppermint is also great for headaches and migraines. Just add 1 drop onto the temples. Did you know 1 drop of peppermint is the same as 28 cups of peppermint tea!! You can also massage into the stomach area to help ease tummy issues.


Great for many reasons too. Add a drop of lemon to water in the morning to wake the body up and to also detox from the day/evening before. It also great to use in a diffuser to make the area smell fresh and clean. Great for cleaning work surfaces and an all around great oil to have.

Deep Blue

A great oil for any students that are doing manual work and also for athletic students that are taking part in sporting events. This can be used in the cream form or in an oil.  Just rub onto the area of concern for any aches/pains.


Great for supporting any issues with digestion. Can be added to a glass of water or massaged onto the tummy area. Can also be used for food poisoning. Many students find that they get nervous before exams and tend to get tummy aches.

Wild Orange

Such a great oil for uplifting the whole body and work/study area. Add 1 drop to the wrist or in a diffuser.


Can be used to support any issues of anxiety and overwhelm. Add a drop to your wrist or even onto a tissue.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Another great oil to have. Can support anti-fungal and anti-viral issues. You can add a drop all around the ears for any ear issues or onto the throat area for any sore throats. You can also gargle with this oil (not very pleasant, but works) for sore throat or mouth ulcers. Also great for any spot breakouts.


A great oil for protection against insects its also called the outdoor blend this can be applied into sun cream and also into anybody cream for evening activities.

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