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Detox and Weight loss Oils

I am always getting asked especially at this time of the year about the best oils for weight loss and detox. There are a few I would recommend to support your journey:

Detox and Weight loss Oils - LemonDetox and Weight loss Oils - Smart & SassyDetox and Weight loss Oils - GrapefruitI would always recommend Lemon for any detox – Here is some information for you This is a great oil to use on a daily basis for a fresh uplifting smell, cleaning and also pop a drop in your water. It will make the water have a lovely citrus and uplifting flavour. Some of my clients also use in their cooking and baking.

Smart & Sassy oil and softgels – Combined with the oil a great combination to really support your journey.

Grapefruit – here is some further information Grapefruit is amazing as it can be added to water (1 drop) or you can add a drop to any moisture cream.

Cleanse with GX and PB Assist and these 2 products work very well together. You take the GX for 10 days with breakfast and then the PB for 10 days.

Here is an article about the best 5 essential oil for weight loss

Here is some information on the doTERRA cleaning system

There needs to be some regular exercise and stretching. Yoga and pilates are also very good for the body. Drinking more water and also eating more fresh fruit and vegetables.