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Lemon Essential OilMelaleuca Essential OilOnGuard Essential OilAs it is spring and a great time to do some cleaning and given the current situation with the Coronavirus I thought I would share some cleaning ideas with you.

I use many oils on a daily basis as follows:
  • 5 drops in my bucket of warm water to wash floors
  • 2 drops in my dishwasher and washing machine every use.
  • Once a month I run both my washing machine and dishwasher on an empty cycle with 1 drop of Lemon, Melaleuca and Peppermint.
  • I have a spray bottle with the On Guard detergent and topped up with water and I clean my kitchen and bathroom surfaces with this.
  • I also add a drop of Lemon or line on a sheet of kitchen roll and place it under my rubbish bag in my bin.

Sharing this great link for a 10 day cleaning challenge – some good ideas here:

This was a blog I did back in November and again some good tips and idea:

Here is a downloadable book on some cleaning ideas.

I hope this helps and please contact me for any further information and to order your oils, thank you Jo