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Do you know what is in your air fresheners in your office or even at home?

What smells are floating around your office or at home? I know it’s a weird question, but sometimes offices don’t smell great, and what do most people do they “cleanse” the air and freshen up the smell? Yes, they grab a spray with hundreds of toxic chemicals in them and spray it everywhere.

Air fresheners such as aerosols, plug-ins, etc. have become hugely popular and are a large staple among our homes and offices.

But just because something smells nice, does it mean it is healthy for us to breathe in?

No not at all. There is a much better way to freshen up the smell of your office and home without the harmful chemicals and with the added benefits to your health on so many levels.

Once people learn the harmful effects of some of the chemicals that are in some sprays and plug-ins, so many people get rid of cleaning products, perfumes, sprays and other household products with toxic ingredients. Most air fresheners contain harmful chemicals labelled sometimes as parfum or fragrance. Some of these can seriously damage your health.

Essential Oil Diffuser

So why do we want to spray something that actually increases asthma rates?

We don’t and awareness is key, and luckily there is the perfect solution to making your office or home smell good that actually benefits your respiratory airways, lungs and your whole body. The added bonus is that they are more potent and nice smelling than synthetic chemical smells anyway, and that is Essential Oils.

With a diffuser, you just add water, and a few drops of oil of your choice, you have an amazing smelling scent that does actually cleanse odours, not just cover them. Essential Oils are aromatic molecules that come from plants. You smell them every time you open an orange, or walk around a forest, or smell a rose. These natural compounds actually benefit you and when you use pure doTERRA essential oils then you will actually be bringing that flower field, orange tree or rose smell, right into your office.

Lastly as you shift from taking out harmful chemicals in your office or home and replace them with Essential Oils, you can learn how each oil benefits the whole family both at home and at work including your pets and in your food too.

Some of my favourites are:

I also love some of the blends for uplifting and their emotional qualities to the mind.


Balance Essential Oil Blend

I work with many companies as I love helping them put together an individual package discussing exactly what their individual staff needs are and how they can benefit from a huge range of emotional issues including keeping their work areas free from nasty germs that could really effect staff sickness and also stress at work. Plus we have the perfect natural cleaning range to keep everything clean and fresh too.

If you would like to discuss how this could work for you – please contact me anytime for a free consultation.

Happy diffusing!