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A-Z of Oils by Jo 2021

A great way to start 2021 with an A-Z list of the many wonders of essential oils and their amazing benefits. Should you need any support please just send me a message and I will be happy to help you

Essential Oils A * Aches and pains can be supported with the Deep Blue range of products, this is a blend of oils that includes peppermint and wintergreen and can help with anti-inflammatory issues. B * Balance oil the most amazing blend for supporting anxiety and for times when you need grounding such as public speaking and interviews. C * Co-impact sourcing is one of our charities that we support helping many foundations with training, clean water and hygiene, fighting sex trafficking in many countries around the world. D * Diffusing oils – this is one of the easiest ways to get doTERRA therapeutic grade oils into your body both at work and at home with your family. E * Essential Oils are amazing for so many reasons, they can support many issues such as coughs, colds, headaches, menopause, IBS, aches, pains, sports injuries, emotions and many other issues. F * Frankincense – the King of oils, one of our very special oils with so many benefits ranging from emotions to face creams. G * Geranium – the latest menopause solution, definitely one to try!! H * Help and advice is always available from Jo and her team – please just ask. I * Itovi scanner is the handheld device that reads your body’s energy and produces a report for you and we can work through the report together. J * Jo will help you with any questions that you may have, she just loves sharing the oils with you. K * Keep healthy with these amazing doTERRA Essential Oils, please check the website to see when the next event is and come along and learn many ways to implement these oils into your daily life. L * Lavender, we all need this oil in our lives for everything calming, whether its on your wrist, in a diffuser or a drop added to your bath for a maximum relax. M * Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – this is one oil that you need to have at home for supporting teething, fungal infections, spots, nits etc. N * Neroli – this is such an amazing oil for supporting ladies and hormones, its is such an uplifting flowery beautiful oil. O * Orange – wow what an oil this is and one we all need in our lives. It is so uplifting and calming at the same time. P * Peppermint (combine this with Wild Orange and just WOW!!). Great oil for focus, energy, digestive issues and migraines. Q * Quality for doTERRA is so very important. doTERRA go through so many testing procedures to ensure they are the best oils in the world and are sourced from the best regions all over the world. R * Rose – the Queen of oils and one of the most precious oils. Can support emotions and can also be used in face creams. S * Safety – doTERRA has many safety requirements and tests beyond what is required as a company. doTERRA have a standard of CPTG which is certified pure therapeutic grade. T * Teaching – Jo loves to teach and educate her clients and team on the oils and share the many uses of the oils and how best to use them. For Jo this is one of the most important parts of what she does, she just loves sharing these oils and shares the many different ways people can use them to help support each other’s families. U * Understanding Jo’s client’s needs and working with them to find solutions together. These oils work differently on everybody and she loves being able to offer solutions for her clients to try until they find the perfect oil for them. V * VIP – please make sure you are a part of the VIP facebook group as this where Jo share’s BOGO – buy one and get one FREE promotions as well as all the special offer and also so much educational information on the oils. W * Website – please keep checking for updates on this website as this is where Jo share’s information on all oils and blends, all the latest classes and shows that she will be attending, how to be a part of her team, questions and answers section, blogs and the monthly recommended oils each month. X * Xtra support – ALWAYS whenever you have a question Jo is always on hand to help you with any questions that you may have. For Jo customer service and support is key and she loves helping and supporting all of her clients. Y * You need to book into a class so that you can have an Itovi scan and we can work out a wellness plan for the year ahead taking your lifestyle commitments into consideration. Z – Zzzzzz – sleep and relax make sure you have the magical lavender to help you to switch off, relax and have a great night’s sleep. I hope you have found this useful – there is so much information that I can share with you – if you have a particular question please do just get in touch, Jo. Essential Oils