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Thinking of having your own account with doTERRA?

It is ALWAYS in YOUR best interests to have your own doTERRA Online Account (AKA Wholesale Account). Here is why!

How are you buying your essential oils? The internet is wonderful these days, you can source the biggest discounts on items from all different places, but what you may think is a great deal on essential oils may not always be. Your best value, safest and only option should be purchasing through your own online doTERRA account which is then shipped to you directly from doTERRA.

Now for those of you that know me, you know that I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. It is my role within doTERRA to obviously sell oils, but to also educate and support my customers and business builders. A lot of people get scared away by the term ‘wholesale account’ as they naturally think that they are going to be roped into something they can’t get out of, be pressured to sell the oils or have to place monthly orders.

So I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t explain to you the best way to purchase essential oils from doTERRA.

But FIRST I also want to go through with you, some of the not so good ways to purchase your oils and why. And this isn’t coming from a place of ‘I want you to purchase oils only through me’, this is to assist you in getting the best value for money and support you can get.

doTERRA Essential Oils

So you may have seen many ways to purchase doTERRA oils online some of which are:-

  • Through a friends account;
  • On a buy swap and sell site;
  • Ebay or Amazon; or
  • From a market stall.

All of which may be totally legit, however I will explain why each way can sometimes lead to you either paying more or getting an inferior product and absolutely zero education and support.

Through a friend’s account

So I started with this one as it is obviously least likely that you won’t be getting the real doTERRA product. But here is why it isn’t always in your best interest to just purchase from your friend’s account.

You are missing out on FREE products and product points

Now you may have an awesome friend who isn’t doing this order for you just so that they can earn points, share the shipping and get the free product of the month. However, I have heard of many stories in which this is the case and have dealt with some pretty upset people once they realise that they could of had their own account all along and received benefits. Albeit their friend may not have been educated enough to realise the benefits, but some people are just taking advantage.

So, basically when you get your own wholesale account, one great thing is that you have full control over when you order and what you order, and it even get’s delivered to your door.

But also, if you are interested in purchasing monthly and opting into our loyalty rewards program you get:-

  • Your shipping back in points
  • Points back for any order over 50pv (pv = points value – so roughly a £30-£40 order). So the thing is, when you opt in to the LRP program you start at 10% of your order back in points. Every three months that you order over 50pv you go up by 5%. So after 13 months, you are getting up to 30% of your order back in points. But, if you are buying through a friend monthly, you are not only missing out on points but you are taking longer to get up to your 30% back.
  • The FREE product of the month. So, any LRP order over 125pv you will receive the FREE product of the month automatically with your order. So the products that you are ordering through your friend each month may be qualifying your friend for this FREE product that you could have received.
  • You are missing out on the support and education that you receive from the person who you start your account through.

So your friend may be a wellness advocate and have this knowledge, in which case that is awesome and you will be well looked after. However, if she was true to herself, doTERRA and you, she should have showed you the benefit of starting your own account. So all you need to do now is reach out to her and let her know that you want to start your own account through her so that you get all of the benefits and support.

However, if your friend doesn’t have this knowledge or even the support from the person she joined with, you need to be comfortable knowing that you may not receive this if you start your account through your friend. But if they don’t, please ensure that you start your account with someone that you trust and that you resonate with and that shows up and you know you will receive amazing support from.

From a market stall/wellness event

Natural products are very popular at market stalls but there are some things that you need to think about before you purchase doTERRA products from a market stall.

You are probably paying retail.

If you decide to eventually use your account to sell essential oils, we actually have a policy that sets out a lot of terms and conditions and one of them is, that we should be selling the oils at retail prices to those who do not have wholesale accounts.

Obviously it is in your best interest to start your own wholesale account so that you get the best prices, but for those that don’t see the amazing value of this, there is a retail option. So in most cases you may be paying more than what you have to, which is not good when you are ready to start your own account because you may have already spent more than you should have or brought a few oils that are available in our discounted starter kits (which are even cheaper than wholesale prices, the Home Essentials Kits save you £120 on top of wholesale prices).

I have even seen in some cases where the market stall holder will take your details and if you purchase a few oils for a bundle price, it actually includes a £28 membership fee and you may have just got yourself a wholesale account with this person and you didn’t even know it! This obviously is very rare but have heard of it happening and it is definitely not a part of the doTERRA culture to do this, but unfortunately there are some people that wreck if for the rest of us heart centred business owners.

You don’t get the support and education you need when using essential oils, especially if you are a complete newbie!

In which case, even if they are selling the oils to your retail or at a discount to the retail prices, once you purchase that oil you have no support, education or resources to go with it. And more often than not, without these you either won’t use the oil (because you don’t know how) or you may use it incorrectly. And also, as I mentioned above (in the buying from a friend section), you have missed out on the many benefits of having your own account.

Fake or adulterated oils

You also run the risk of the oil not being real or being tampered with, which I hope is never the case.

Beware of prices that are too good to be true

You may even see prices for these oils that are way less than wholesale. Aside from the fact that we are not allowed to sell oils this way, this person is not inline with the doTERRA culture and is probably selling you an oil that they received as part of a FREE promotion. In which case they are making a 100% profit, and you are missing out on your chance to actually receive any doTERRA promotions or FREE products.

Ebay or amazon

These are much like the market stall situation above, however you have absolutely no idea on who you are buying your oils from as you can’t even meet them face to face.

I have seen people buy a Home Essentials Kits from eBay and have inadvertently been signed up for a wholesale account through this seller. Which is prohibited under doTERRA’s rules, however has happened more times that I can count.

So then you are stuck with a wholesale account with someone that you will more than likely never receive any support from, that are receiving commissions from your purchases. Which is NOT OK!! You need that support, education and resources. But in this online world there are some nasty people and this does happen.

You are also most likely paying retail or more for these oils plus postage. So you are not receiving any of the benefits of having your own account with someone you trust, as mentioned above under the ‘buying from friends’ header.

You also do not know whether you are receiving real doTERRA Essential Oils either so this is not a safe way to purchase at all!

Buy swap and sell sites

I see this so often, where people sell off their excess oils, which is fine. However for people new to oils think, ‘oh this is a cheap one I’ll get this one to start with to give it a go’. Then you can guess what happens. They get it and they have no idea how to use it, or how to find out how to use it.

They then search facebook for someone’s oils page to then message them to ask how to use these oils that they have just purchased. What they don’t know is that with a wholesale account, you get this one on one support from us, as wellness advocates, but you don’t when you purchase the oils at retail or on buy & sell sites.

A lot of us run free facebook education pages for everyone and are happy to respond to everyones comments etc. But most of us don’t have the time to mentor and provide support to everyone which can be hundreds or even thousands of people that like our pages. It is simply not possible. That’s why we can focus our time and knowledge on our customers who have trusted us and started their account through us for that 1 on 1 person support.

I am proud to say that doTERRA does network marketing in a totally different way to most. If we didn’t I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this or a part of the business. We pride ourselves of providing education and support to our customers, not just sales. *I can only really speak for myself in the education and support that I offer anyone who gets their wholesale account through me. Because it is going to differ between people based on experience, knowledge and our own greater team support. But for those who have followed me for a while on facebook knows, that I live, sleep and breathe this life, I am a real person with a real passion for helping people rid toxic chemicals from their lives so that they can be as healthy as humanly possible.

Essential Oils Team

So just to re-cap for you the reasons why getting your own wholesale account is in YOUR BEST INTERESTS is:-

  • You receive education and support on how to use your oils effectively and safely
  • You control what you order and when you order.
  • You get the oils at a minimum of 25% off for a whole year. You can also rejoin after that year for £16 and we will send you a FREE bottle of peppermint as a thank you.
  • You can opt into our Loyalty Reward Program to receive FREE products, product points and your shipping back in points. (you can cancel this at anytime).
  • If you do opt in, you are starting your progression towards getting 30% of your orders back in points!
  • You have the option to share with your friends and family and receive benefits for doing so.
  • You also have the option to start making some money on the side or replace your entire income with full training and business mentoring available.

So there we are. I hope this has clarified all of your questions and concerns.

And if after reading this you are like, ‘ok, I want to start my own account now’, let me know you are ready to get your account set up.

You can simply pop me a message here, or email me or contact me through this website  I will be in contact with you in a couple of days to arrange a time to go through your oils with you and to send you off your free welcome gift xx.