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The reasons why you should choose Jo from Oils by Jo as your Essential Oil Mentor.

I have been supporting so many people with their wellness and it never ceases to amaze me how many people are given the wrong information by their doTERRA advocate.  Apart from living and breathing these amazing Essential Oils I am so very passionate about working with people to improve their health in a more natural way.

Jo Hunt

  • I will take as much time as needed to find out exactly what your worries and concerns are. I will offer a reading with the Itovi scanner as that will highlight what’s going on with your body at that particular moment in time. We will then discuss any of the highlighted issues and between us work out a plan of action for us to follow.
  • Oils work differently on everybody so we take it 1 step at a time and we may need to sample a number of oils until we get the right oil that fits and works.
  • I will never just give up and suggest any oils – I need to be happy that the oil/s will work and make a difference with your life.
  • I will go out of my way personally to make sure that my clients have everything that they need. I sometimes make up the blends, rollerballs and oil samples and drive miles to make sure they have them and can start to use them immediately.
  • I will do unlimited research until I have all the information that I need to help my client to improve their health and then put together some information that we can work through together.
  • I attend many company training opportunities in the UK, Europe and the USA to ensure that I am upto date with all of the current oil information, testing and research for my team and my clients. One of the best things about working with doTERRA is the amount of information that you learn and you can share with people to make a huge difference in their lives and they can pass down and share with their families and friends.
  • I have worked with so many different people of all ages at the minute my youngest is 4 months and my eldest is 93 and I have so much information, expertise and knowledge to share with my clients and for me this is what it is about – making a difference to people lives.
  • All of my clients are treated with the highest respect and treated in total confidence.
  • I am on Facebook researching information and then sharing it with my followers so that they can learn the many ways to use the oils. I have my own VIP group and this is where we all learn from each other with so many hints and tips – this is where the magic happens and we share our findings – share recipes, cleaning tips etc..
  • I offer many varied FREE educational events on such topics as dealing with emotions, what are the best oils for children’s health, using oils with cleaning, using the oils for cooking, how to use oils on a day to day basis, what oils should be at work with you. Please come along and find out how I can possibly support you.
  • I will even come to your home and spend a couple of hours with you and your friends educating and playing with the oils. We smell a few, sample a drop of lemon in some water and there are free samples to go home with for you to try. These evenings are just for education there is nothing to buy all I want you to do is have some fun in the comfort of your own home with your friends.
  • I also support many corporate workplaces in the UK to help and support staff in their health & wellbeing. Its usually a drop in during their lunch hour and talk in confidence. The companies that I have worked with find it helps a great deal with staff sickness, more energy and focus for the employees, much less stress, educating the staff on natural products and ultimately happier staff.
  • I have an amazing website which is updated on a weekly basis with so much information such as weekly blogs, event schedule, information on all of the oils and blends, customer reviews, information on how to share the oils with me, frequently asked questions, how to purchase, online chat facility and so much more – please feel free to take a look around and contact me with any questions that you may have.

Thank you and look forward to working with you soon

Jo x

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