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Through my extensive list of clients I have recently attended a wellbeing event in Kent.

There was about 150 people at this event and some of them had travelled quite far from London, Ashford, Maidstone, Bexleyheath, Canterbury, Margate and Dover. There was a mixture of all ages of ladies, men and children and they all had a good time. There was a lot of corporate men and ladies all looking for ways to relax and to calm office tensions and to be able to sleep and relax in the evenings.

During this event I was able to provide a hand massage to over 20 clients during my day using a blend of oils and the results were amazing, some of the comments were:

“Wow feel totally relaxed”  |  “Instant calm”  |   “I need to sleep now”  |   “Can I book for a weekly massage?”

Essential Oils

Some of the issues that my clients were asking me for support for were:

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Hormones and hot flushes
  • Sports injuries
  • Emotional questions
  • Children’s common ailments
  • Digestive issues

So I was able to suggest and offer samples for all of the above and I have heard from 2 ladies this week that their issues has gone – these bits of information really make me happy, knowing that I have made a difference.

I was also able to do a talk on some of the oils during the day and I had 35 people in the room and they loved it. I asked for some feedback and they said:

  1. Takes weeks to get an appointment at the Doctors and they were grateful for some honest advice on the day. I gave them some websites to look at and some handout information too.
  2. Really nice to know there is a natural alternative.
  3. Love the fact you have a site (website and facebook) where we can ask questions and get answers quickly.
  4. Didn’t know oils were so powerful and act so quickly.
  5. Just wow – amazing.
  6. Thanks Jo you have really helped put my mind at rest, I have been worrying about lots of things.
  7. I was having a hot flush and you rubbed that oil on the back of my neck and within minutes it had gone – how much is that? and do you have 1 I can have today.
  8. Please can I book an evening for my family and friends as they would really benefit from this.

I love sharing these oils with people and support them on their wellness journey and being there for them when they need help. For me its about working together reaching goals 1 step at a time offering advice and support along the way.

Please contact me for any further information on how I can support you on your wellness journey.

One day at a time – one person at a time – one drop at a time!!