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On Guard Infosheet

When do I start to use On Guard?

This is a question that I get asked a number of times. As a family we use On Guard EVERY single day in 1 form or another.

On Guard is the hero of Immunity.

  • Starting from September we use a drop 1 oil in a moisture cream and rub into he heels of our feet and we do this until April.
  • When we travel we add a drop onto the wrists as this will protect us from anything in the environment and people around us.
  • The rest of the year we use the rollerball on our feet or wrists daily.
  • We all use the toothpaste as it is a natural toothpaste that contains great oils to protect out teeth and gums.
  • The On Guard cleaner  – I have is a spray bottle and use as a cleaner in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • We also use On Guard handwash and the mist (this stays in my car and handbag all the time)
  • I will also use On Guard oil in the diffuser at least 1 time per day just to keep the atmosphere as clean as possible. Using a diffuser means that anyone coming into the house will also get the benefits.
  • If we happen to get a sore throat or a tickily cough we will also use the On Guard drops – we only ever need 2/3 and then it is all gone. Occasionally we gargle with the oil for a sore throat.
So personally I would recommend using On Guard in 1 form or another each day to help

Protect – Strengthen – Respond

It is so much easier to take a little often and regular rather than when you feel poorly. If you need any further information please do just get in touch at or 07770 302504

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