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These are some of the questions that I have been asked about oils with their pets

Q.  Google says you can’t use any oils with pets, but you have said you can, what is the correct answer?

A. Dr Google is sometimes not the correct place to ask questions. Many Essential oils claim they are 100% pure and natural but unfortunately are not and contain substances that are quite toxic to animals. Please make sure you use doTERRA Essential Oils as they are 3rd party tested and of therapeutic grade.

Using Essential Oils With Animals

Q. Since buying a plug in air freshener for my utility room both my cat and dog have become quite lethargic – what is in this natural air freshener and do you have something that really is natural that can help with making their room smell nice?

A. I am not too sure what you have purchased but would highly recommend you throw it away. There are many of these in supermarkets. I would recommend a diffuser with a doTERRA oil. It depends what you are trying to achieve whether its calm or an uplifting smell – I can help you with that.

Q. Can I use my diffuser around my pets?

A. DoTERRA essentials oils are very potent. Pets have millions more olfactory receptors than we do so that means they are more sensitive to smells. The truth is using diffusers is a great way to benefit your pets on a regular basis. Like us I would only suggest using 1 drop of oil. Try to leave the door open so that if they didn’t like the smell they could leave the room.

Q. Is it true Lavender can calm pets?

A. Yes this is true so when they get stressed and anxious because of fireworks or lightening then Lavender can coming them. You can stroke the oil into their fur or add a drop to the pads of their feet.

Q. Can I use the oils on my dog?

A. By stroking the oils onto your dog is a great way to apply the oils topically. Along the spine, pads of their feet and on the ear tips are the most common places to apply the oils. As you know when you use oils on yourself ie peppermint and you touch your eyes they will sting and the same applies to pets – so apply certain oils where they can’t reach them and the same for yourself.

Q. How long do the oils last on pets?

A. Essential oils are volatile compounds which means they dissipate into the air rapidly but they absorb into the skin quickly.

Q. I have read that oils can give pets liver and kidney damage, is this true?

A. We can actually use certain oils to support the kidneys and liver. I understand that many animals suffer from these ailments naturally regardless of whether they have use Essential Oils.

Q. If I use too much my pets will die?

A. There has been cases over the last few years where animals have ingested over a whole bottle of oil and yes has subsequently died. The brand of oil was not doTERRA and we are unaware of the toxic substances that were in that particular bottle but we do know that it wasn’t just oil there were other substances in the bottle too. In the event of any accidents or adverse effects please remember to dilute with a carrier oil (coconut etc). Most reactions occurs between 24-48 hours after use. If your pet shows signs of distress, squinting, drooling, shaking or vomiting then please take to the vets. Please keep all oils out of reach from your pets as if they are like mine take anything to play with.

Q. I have heard that citrus oils must be kept away from cats?

A. There is so much information that you hear on a daily basis and it is so conflicting. So I understand that a cats liver lacks a certain enzyme that is important for metabolising certain things, so with this in mind I would suggest taking a bit more caution with these animals. So only 1 drop in a diffuser at all times. There are certain oils that need a little extra caution and they are Wintergreen, Spearmint, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Birch, Oregano and Thyme. Always make sure they can get out of the area if these oils are diffusing.

Q. What are the benefits of using Essential Oils with animals?

A They can support soothing muscles, easing digestion, calming, emotions and overall wellness for your pets. 

I would always suggest starting slowly and watching your animals behaviour and always make sure your diffusers are in a safe place and can not be knocked over by your pets.

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