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Using Essential Oils with Children

There are certain oils that I would always recommend having at home ready for those times of need.

Family Kit

You maybe aware we have the Family Kit and I use these oils on a very regular basis for lots of general day to day ailments. They are all so good!!

Melaleuca/Tea Tree – this is good for anything anti-viral, rash, spots, toothache.
Lavender – everything calming so sleep, rash, cuts, bites, drop in the bath to aid relaxation and get ready for relax/sleep.
Deep Blue – for aches/pains and any muscle/joint issues.
Lemon – add to all of my cleaning, dustbin, uplifting, water and cooking. Great for boys bedrooms!
Intune – for focus and study. Help with cleaning their bedrooms!!
Wild Orange – for energy and uplifting. Drop on their wrists works wonders. Another great one to have for boys bedrooms.
On Guard – supports the immune system so great for nurseries and schooltime.

Family Essential Oils Kit


Kid’s Touch Oils

We also have the Kid’s touch oils and they are:- Brave, Calmer, Rescuer, Steady, Stronger and Thinker and these oils have specific and individual uses – please read my blog for further information about them.

Essential Oil Collection for Children

As always if you have any questions on any of these oils for children or any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime as I will always be happy to help, thank you Jo x