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Acupuncture and summer

In Chinese medicine, summer is linked to the Fire element, and is seen as a time of abundant joy, the season in which we should be living life to the fullest, with long days. It is also seen as the time when we should be at our most social, spending time with family and friends as the fire element is most closely linked to our personal relationships and interaction with others.

The four organs associated with the Fire element and summer, are the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater (recognised in Chinese Medicine as the part of the body which ensures temperature regulation).

Some of the issues associated with Fire, and which can sometimes arise at this time of year, are too much heat, high blood pressure, anxiety and social anxiety, lots of issues with decision making and having trouble sorting through thoughts, high blood pressure, heat rashes, hay fever and other allergies and insomnia. It’s also sometimes hard to get the balance right between socialising and getting enough rest so that we don’t burn out.

If you are suffering with the heat, most of us know that it’s important to keep hydrated. In Chinese medicine, foods are also seen as having an energetic. So for example summer fruits and salads are seen as cooling and will therefore be helpful for those that are really suffering with the heat. Likewise, other foods are seen as warming or heating so are best avoided by those that are really struggling. Examples of those would be chilli and very spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine.

Acupuncture can be very helpful in managing the above issues. If you would like more information on acupuncture in general, or the research in treating the above conditions and many more with Chinese Medicine, you can visit the British Acupuncture Council website on

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