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My personal Convention Highlights – Dusseldorf, Germany, May 2019

doTERRA Convention

Firstly I have to say I was so happy and proud that some of my team came to convention to share this amazing experience with me. I was also very excited as I knew they would love being a part of the learning, shopping and the experience of being around like-minded people. I have found these events can be life-changing as we are all are at different places in our lives and business.

My backpackThere are many different areas that you can go and visit including many Essential Oil shopping stands and this is where you can buy rollerballs, labels, books, bags etc. There are also food and drink areas for refreshments. There is the doTERRA marketplace where you can smell and sample all of the oils, creams and all the products. There is usually an area where you can purchases the convention kits and a general shopping area. Areas about research, education and information. There is a section where you can learn about the Aromatouch massage and most times you are able to received a free hand massage. There is the big seating area where the talks take place. We are also able to download a doTERRA app specific for the event and this is where all the information about the timings, talks, travel arrangements, guest speakers, important information and information on the new products. There is a check in area and this is where you are given a backpack that contains note book, pen, magazines etc. This year we had David Stirling – one of the founding 3 members opened the convention with a roundup of some European news about the new offices in UK (last year in Milton Keynes), Russia and Munich getting new offices this year. There was a published On Guard study by Oklahoma University on swine flu – check out Pub Med for further information. There was a great deal of information and many speakers that shared our Healing Hands and Co-Impact Sourcing charitable foundations and some of the many updates on what had happened in the last 12 months. Our first clinic was opened in Ghana in July 2014 and wow how far doTERRA has come since then. There were presentations on how doTERRA are a humanitarian company that works with Essential Oils and how we are all impacting the whole world by sharing each drop with our family and friends. We were updated with the Underground Railroad Project which is helping to stop child sex trafficking – we are also now supporting the children even further by offering them therapy to help with their transition into normal life as easily as possible. There is a lot of healing therapy and areas for play. The orphanages are now bigger and structured better. There are more social workers and Police Officers etc. In Rwanda we have built an autistic school. We saw all the help we were able to provide Nepal after their earthquake such as building schools, hospitals and the amazing amount of aid advocates provided. In Mexico there was a special needs school built to help autistic children, some doTERRA advocates were involved in building a wall to keep the children safely inside and other people out and to also keep the flood waters out. We were also able to see all the therapy that was offered to them and the feeding areas and the areas that they can exercise in. In Kenya we continue to work with fair oils and build so many community projects together such as installing over 80 water pumps installed. doTERRA advocates are able to donate relief kits for natural disasters, I do this on a monthly basis. We have also been able to build 560 desks in schools in Kenya. In Bulgaria we have set up milk canteens and this is a place where children aged between 10 months and 3 years old can get warm healthy meals. In Madagascar we now have mobile medical units that are able to visit many small towns each week. In 2015 doTERRA launched a matching programme to encourage and support Wellness Advocates in their own non-profit and humanitarian projects around the world. There has been 108 projects approved to date. There is so much I could go on and on – but all so touching. I am just putting together some further information on these amazing projects. There is going to be 5 times more research carried out by doTERRA. We have an external testing company called APRC and they carried out tests on 50 essential oil companies. doTERRA were in the top 3 for purity. 1 of the companies is an online company and the other is well known brand however 80% of their oils were found to have been adulterated. doTERRA have a website called Source to You and this is where you can add the bottle code (located on the bottom of each bottle) and you are able to see all the sourcing and relevant information. We had some education on some of the new oils and that covered Magnolia Touch, Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Turmeric, On Guard Mouthwash, body Mist and the Yarrow/Pom. Some of these products are available from June and the remainder from August. Keep looking at my facebook page as I will share information on there. We saw 3 doTERRA advocates share their daily habits on their use of the oils – this was interesting and all 3 so different. We were updated with information about the Customer Services team. In 2018 they took 271,000 calls by 150 agents that speak 20 different languages. In 2019 doTERRA are extending the team to 50 further members. doTERRA have 2 main warehouses – 1 in London (Heathrow airport) and 1 in Holland. There is an additional one currently being built in Hungary. However there is a new one going to be built in Cork, Ireland – amazing news for us as this will mean our orders will arrive even quicker!! There are some improvements to the website for our clients use and also as a team member to be able to see rank tracking and power of 3 bonus. We were able to see a Q&A session from panel of our growers from Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Turkey – this proved very interesting especially about their challenges and they were the volume of oil needed, the time it takes to produce the oils – Lavender takes 1.30 hours but Frankincense takes 120 hours!! The weather is a huge factor for them. They sometimes have to work 24/7 and don’t have many holidays and another big challenge is sourcing the raw materials that are needed to produce the oils. Lavender FieldThe doTERRA Sourcing Teams are based all around the world and they either were born in that country or currently live there. They ensure that the growers get paid when they should, sustain the partnerships with all concerned, ensure we have the supplier capacity, create jobs, make sure the labour conditions are good, form great partnerships with the whole community, develop local community projects and make sure the environment is being looked after correctly. We now have 130 oils sourced from 45 countries and 2/3 are from 3rd world countries. We heard from Dr Robin Fawcett who has recently been fighting cancer and she spoke about the art of discernment and the oils to support that, clarity and courage and overcoming fear, forest bathing, how to feel more connected by doing yoga, going for a walk, sitting and breathing, being mindful, writing a journal, massage etc. Nicholas and Carolina talked to us about the changes that have happened in Lesvos, Greece in the last year. So last year they told us how they fed so many refugees that they found swept up onto the Island in their restaurant. They also asked the people on the Island for any clothes or toys so that they can give to the people that came with just the clothes on their back, some were just orphans as they had lost their parents. A year on and they now have 4 restaurants. They have the original restaurant which just feeds the refuges, a café where people can use the wifi and have snacks, a place of relax so you are able to have massage and do yoga and a place where girls and boys can learn and carry out some cookery training and at the end they get certificates. They also cook 200 meals for the homeless each day. In the future they are going to support local people build a business by making handbags, herb and oil products by using local organic materials. We also received some training on the Life Long Vitality Vitamin pack and we were told disease is cellular and this product can really support your whole body. We also gained knowledge on the Terrazyme which is a prebiotic and a probiotic. The amazing properties of Phytoestrogen and the Bone Nutrient and why every lady needs to use these to support their emotions and bones from the age of 30+. We were educated on mastering your energy for stress, calm, self care rituals, sleep, the best energy oils, how to control cravings and hormone synergy. The importance of touch – which can improve performance in sports, builds trust between people, touch can also be the language of love – studies have shown in the UK we hardly touch each other which is so sad. Whereas the French and Italians show a lot of affection by touching. We also heard from Tina Meier who completed the Dakar Rally and she shared some of her experiences and shared with us her top tips: 1 – You must have commitment. 2 – Breathe and smile. 3 – Discipline so no excuses. 4 – Just do it. 5 – Start today. Her motto is also “You go further when you go together” Very inspiring. Justin Harrison who is a doTERRA leader then shared his top skills and they are: 1 – Use the products – be a product of the product. 2 – People are attracted to you because of HOPE. Knowledge, belief, confidence and action = results. 3 – Invest in daily growth. 4 – He who tells stories rules the world. 5 – Master 2 skills and they are inviting and promoting your events. 6 – Keep in simple. 7 – Live the doTERRA culture. 8 – Use a system eg the empowered success. 9 – Plan, do, check, adjust = goals. 10 – have FUN.

So as you can see so varied but so interesting, if you would like to come to any of these events please message me and I can share the relevant information and details with you. So this was just my thoughts and wanted to share these with you, hope you enjoyed it x