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The best oils for April and May

During these 2 months we start to feel it warm up, the sun comes out as does the flowers this can then cause hay fever symptoms for many people.

The product that will support you during this time is called TriEase.

TriEase softgels

Many of my clients use these capsules year after year as with other products they seem to work effectively each year.

I know through my family they have used a certain product one year only to find the next year it does not work.

You also have to be careful with the chemist bought hay fever medication if you can drive and also use machinery.


TriEase contains 3 oils:

Peppermint for the energy – if you are constantly sneeze this can get very tired for you.

Lemon is a detox oil so can support the release of the allergen.

Lavender is the calming oil, so will calm the whole body.


I suggest taking 1 capsule with breakfast food

1 capsule with dinner food


For 7 days and then 1 per day thereafter.


You can also add 1 drop of each of the oils into a diffuser and this can support also. Plus add the drops onto a tissue and this will also help you.


Some people tend to overeat at Easter time and this year we are having the Kings Coronation and many people will be taking part in the Big Lunch so an oil that would come in handy is the ZenGest great for supporting any tummy issues. You can add a drop of ZenGest to any oil or cream and rub onto your lower tummy area. You can also use the rollerball in the same location. 1 drop if oil can also be taken in water to drink. Some people find using the oil before food and some people use the oil after the food eaten.

There are also many food allergies that my clients are suffering from and again ZenGest can support on a temporary basis. I would always suggest going to a medical professional and finding out what the issue is and then cutting out this food.


During the warmer weather insects also come out so the best product to have on stand by is Terrashield. This comes in an oil and a spray. Personally,  I prefer the spray as its easier to use. However, I have been in holiday with my diffuser and the oil was just perfect.


Lavender is always a great oil to have 24/7 for any calming issues such as sleep, bites and skin irritations. This oil can be used neat onto the skin.