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I love hosting and being a part of events

We learn so much from each other and you can take tips home and use them within your own lives to make life easier and better for your families.

When people work together so many different ideas just come out of normal conversations, its quite amazing to see and be a part of.

When people have questions about issues and problems at home or at work there is usually someone that has been in that situation and can offer some guidance.

I offer monthly events at different locations in Essex with a different theme including general wellbeing, emotional classes, classes that focus on children, oils that can support in the allergy season etc. I love to offer help and support to people when I can.

I also love it when people meet each other and then they realise that they have so much in common and that they could possibly work together. There is a lot of collaboration happening within my team.

During the events we will talk through the oils that are associated with that particular topic, there are always handouts and sample oils to be given to attendees to take home.

At events there are samples and giveaways for people to try as I believe that this is the best way for people to experience the oils by trying them.

DoTERRA Wellness LifestyleI also have some support channels on social media for people to ask questions and get advice. They are Oils by Jo facebook page, VIP facebook group  and a WhatsApp group. We share many hints and tips on making things such as soaps and creams, cleaning products and personal care products.

I also offer a FREE Lifestyle Wellness consultation which consists of using the Itovi scanner – which is a handheld device that scans your body’s energy and produces a report that you get emailed to you – we can work through the highlighted items together.  We will talk through the diagram below to see how I can support you and your family in a more natural way.

Oils by Jo Event evenings

Oils by Jo Event evenings