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My Top 5 Oils for October, November and December

Totally recommend these oils for you and your family

1st Place goes to On Guard

This blend is called The Hero of Immunity. There are many forms that this amazing protective blend comes in such as oil, beadlets, softgels, rollerball, toothpaste, hand mist, throat drops, hand wash and a whole cleaning range.

2nd Place – Air.

This blend really supports the respiratory system and contain such powerful oils to clear a blocked nose and chest. This blend comes in a few forms such as a rollerball, throat sweets, vapour stick and the oil.

3rd Place – Oregano.

WOW what a powerful oil this is. Such a strong and powerful oil to keep your immune system high.

4th Place – Lemon.

This acts as a great detox oil as well as uplifting your mood and also so wonderful for cleaning and add a drop or 2 to your baking, cooking and even your water.

5th Place – Lavender.

Such a great oil to calm the mind and relax the body. Love adding a few drops to my bath water along with a handful of Epsom salts (plus a few candles – BLISS)

If you would like any further information on any of the above or any doTERRA Essential Oil please email me

Oregano Essential Oil

Lemon Essential OilLavender Essential Oil