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Top 15 tips for looking after yourself

I thought I would put together some information to keep you upbeat. I am sure you are all aware of these tips but sometimes you just need a little reminder, so here goes:



  1. Play your music loud and have a dance around the kitchen as you are preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner – I love a bit of Alexa to take me to a different world. Dancing and music can really change your mood!!
  2. Remember to keep on drinking your water and keep your body hydrated. I always start my day with warm water and lemon as it really wakes your body up and leaves me feeling so energised.
  3. Eat the colours of the rainbow – add as much colour as you can. I love having yellow and orange peppers on my plate just the colours make me happy. Make sure you are taking your vitamins too.
  4. Go outside – maybe for a walk with your dog or just a little trip into the forest – the trees will leave you feeling grounded. Listen to all the noises around you whether it is the rain, kids playing, dogs barking or the birds tweeting. Look up and look around you. This is a great way to relax and calm and tops up your vitamin D too.
  5. If you can try not to watch every news channel and maybe spend some time away from social media as this can have a negative effect on your mood.
  6. Buy yourself some daffodils or any flowers that uplift you – I just love spring so many lovely colours to choose from.
  7. Go into your garden maybe plant some bulbs. I like nothing more that pottering around outside. Cleaning out sheds or the garage – it’s a real feel good factor.
  8. Download a mindfulness or meditation app and try to spend some time doing this everyday to calm the whole body. In the evening is a great time so that you can prepare your whole body for sleep and rest. Try a new calming tea – I’m really into green tea at the moment – so many lovely flavours to try.
  9. Check out your gym as mine has added some workouts and exercises to keep fit and stretching routines to really support your body – get those feel good hormones working!! If you not with a gym just check out Youtube as there are so many to choose from or just go for a little run.
  10. Try to connect with friends and family that you haven’t been in touch with for a while to check up on what’s been happening in their lives and celebrate their successes together – that such a feel good factor.
  11. Catch up with some TV you have been meaning to watch and pick up those books that have been collecting dust!!
  12. De-cluttering is also a fab way of feeling uplifted and I’m sure its been on your to-do list for a while.
  13. Do some creative activities such as drawing, painting, sewing or maybe writing down some gratitude in a journal. Experiment with some new recipes that you have been wanting to try. Research a hobby that you may of thinking about.
  14. Use your Essential Oils to support your moods and your whole body – I can help you select some individual ones just for you.
  15. For your business this is a great way to catch up by bringing your accounts upto date, doing blogs and catching up with paperwork.  

I hope that a few of these tips will help you to keep a positive, bright and energised mind and know that I am always here to do a zoom, facetime or phone call if you ever need any help. Stay safe and please keep connected and in touch, Jo x