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Using Essential Oils As A Natural Medicine Cabinet

This was the magical kit I started with and my 2 daughters and myself learnt how to use these on a daily basis

  • Taking daily exercise
  • Drinking sufficient water
  • Having some relaxing time and controlling your stress levels
  • Sleeping 6-8 hours per night
  • Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

I would strongly suggest the oils in this Family Kit 

It is so easy to just go and buy some headache tablets or creams for this and that ailment and up until 5 years ago that is exactly what we did. Since being introduced to doTERRA and educating myself and my family on what is  actually in over the counter medication I have learnt so much. The Family Kit is my top selling collection of oils and I guarantee you will use these oils everyday and with my daily educational email that contains information about the oils and the many ways they can be used for everyday use you will be personally supported by myself.

We have 10 oils in this kit and 2 types of beadlets:

The Family Essentials Kit

Please contact me for further details – I am always happy to help, thank you and enjoy, Jo