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Supplements and Oils for ladies

Having worked with many ladies during the last 6 years I have some great experience and knowledge to share with you about the supplements that can support you and your bodies during the changes that ladies encounter during pre-menopause, menopause and post menopause.

Women's Kit

I can suggest a few options of products for ladies that can really support the whole body – our Women’s Kit – we have 3 products in this kit they are formulated to address the unique and changing health needs of women. Normal hormone levels influence a woman’s good health and emotional well-being from her early teens to her transition through menopause. This kit gently supports a woman through the menstrual cycle and helps to diminish the normal symptoms of menopause. It also supports healthy bones and heart as women age, while the essential oil blend provides temporary relief from heightened emotions related to regular hormone cycles in women. These products provide natural support throughout the different phases of life.

This kit includes:

You can also purchase these products separately.

The Clary Calm is always one oil that I highly recommend as this can support the whole body with balancing of emotions, fertility, period pains and menopause symptoms. It is a roll on so very easy to apply. The location can be back of the neck (great for hot flushes) onto your tummy are or onto your wrists.


Designed to provide a calming, soothing effect during the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle, Clary Calm is known as a cooling essential oil blend when used topically, with a floral, yet herbaceous scent. Whether you need cooling effects for the skin, or help balancing your emotions, this is the perfect companion in times of discomfort and extra need.

Clary Calm

Clary CalmDuring menstruation, the female body tends to experience a lot of discomfort, both emotionally and physically. Utilize the soothing benefits of Clary Calm during your menstrual cycle, by applying the oil to the abdomen for a calming massage.

  1. Heightened emotions are commonly part of a woman’s menstrual cycle, but many times unbalanced emotions simply come as a part of life. The calming aroma of Clary Calm can both soothe and balance heightened emotions when applied topically. You can apply a drop of Clary Calm to your hand, rub the palms together and inhale the scent for 30 seconds or more when you need to centre your emotions and regain composure. Remember—Clary Calm can help balance your mood throughout the month, not just during menstruation.
  2. The cooling effect of Clary Calm can be helpful when the body gets too hot. When you start feeling flushed or warm, apply Clary Calm topically to the skin for a cooling, soothing effect. This blend comes in a convenient roll-on bottle, so when your body feels a little too toasty, you can simply roll the oil over your skin for a cooling sensation that will help you settle and cool down.
  3. Although Clary Calm helps create a soothing abdomen massage during menstruation, applying the oil to other areas can also help you experience the cool, soft sensation that it has to offer. When applying topically, consider rubbing the oil on the back of your neck, on your temples, or even on the bottom of your feet.


  • Clary Sage Flower, Lavender Flower, Bergamot Peel, Roman Chamomile Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, Cedarwood Wood, Geranium Plant, Fennel Seed
  • Carrot Seed, Palmarosa Herb and Vitex Leaf/Berry.

Bone Nutrient Complex

Beginning at an early age, women begin to build bone mass, reaching a maximum bone density in their late twenties. A diet rich in essential bone nutrients is critical during these early years of bone development, but food intake surveys suggest that women consume half the recommended amounts of calcium and other bone nutrients for optimal bone health. This deficiency is pronounced in teen women who are less likely to eat right, but who would benefit from increased bone nutrient consumption as their young bones are absorbing nutrients at a rate nearly double that of adult women.

This is a blend of vitamins and minerals that are essential for bone health in women beginning in adolescence and continuing through menopause. Bone Nutrient Essential Complex is formulated with bioavailable forms of natural nutrients that include vitamins C and D, plus calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals that support healthy bone density as a woman ages.

What Makes Bone Nutrient Essential Complex Unique?

This product consists of a proprietary formula of the highest quality bone nutrients in bioavailable forms. This supplement includes 100 percent of the recommended daily amounts of calcium and magnesium, and the important trace minerals zinc, copper, manganese, and boron. These nutrients are vital for bone health and strength, and are commonly deficient in the average woman’s diet.

This formula also contains vitamin D-2 and D-3 to help bones absorb calcium. Nutrition is all about absorption. If the nutrients are not in a highly bioavailable form and not complemented by other substances that assist efficient absorption, the user might as well not even take them. Vitamin D has been associated with improved calcium absorption.

Bone Nutrient Essential Complex Uses and Benefits

  1. Bone Nutrient Essential Complex provides optimal levels of vitamins and minerals essential for developing and maintaining healthy bone mass and density. A diet rich in essential bone nutrients is critical for bone development and long-term health, but food intake surveys suggest women often consume half the recommended amounts of calcium and other bone nutrients. 
  2. Deficiencies in calcium and magnesium are often very pronounced in female diets. Bone Nutrient Essential Complex provides 100 percent of the recommended daily amounts of calcium and magnesium. 
  3. As mentioned, when it comes to receiving the proper nutrients, absorption is key. Bone Nutrient Essential Complex contains vitamin D2 and D3 to help bones absorb calcium.
  4. Bone health and strength is vital for women beginning before adulthood. Bone Nutrient Essential Complex was designed for women from teenage to postmenopausal age. Teens are less likely to eat right, but could benefit even more from meeting nutrient guidelines as their young bones are absorbing nutrients at a rate nearly double that of adult women. Supplementation can be an easy way to ensure a lifetime of bone health.
  5. While nutrients for the bones can be consumed through diet, most women aren’t getting the calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients they need in their daily diet. The Bone Nutrient Essential Complex provides an easy and convenient way to get these nutrients.  

How to Take Bone Nutrient Essential Complex
Teen and adult women (and men) take capsules daily with food.

Phytoestrogen Complex

Hormones influence virtually every function in a woman’s body. A balance of normal hormone levels will influence a woman’s good health and emotional well-being from her early teens to her transition through menopause. This is a blend of standard plant phytoestrogens and whole food extracts that support hormone balance gently and naturally. This also includes a concentrated source of flax seed lignans, which may help manage the by-products of estrogen metabolism.

Stabilizing hormones begins with healthy lifestyle behaviours such as eating right and exercising, but additional nutritional supplementation such as Phytoestrogen Essential Complex can help reduce uncomfortable issues associated with PMS and the transition through menopause, and will provide additional support for healthy bones, heart, breast tissue, and other body structures and function as a woman ages. 

Taking one to two capsules of Phytoestrogen Essential Complex per day with meals will assist with proper endocrine system function for optimal wellness from puberty through the later stages of life.

What Makes Phytoestrogen Essential Complex Unique?

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex includes a potent soy extract shown to provide health benefits in women. This soy extract is standardized for 64 percent isoflavone content and a minimum of 50 percent genisteine, phytoestrogens that can bind with estrogen beta receptor cells to provide a number of health benefits. The increased estrogen-like activity provided by these phytoestrogens can help balance hormones and hormone metabolites, and keep them from binding to other cells.

This supplement also contains a concentrated flax seed extract proven useful in managing potentially harmful estrogen metabolites. Because hormones are metabolized in the liver, they create a host of bioactive metabolites. An imbalance in some of these metabolites may increase risk for a number of health concerns. The concentrated flax seed extract contained in Phytoestrogen Essential Complex can help maintain a healthy balance of these metabolites.

Antioxidants support hormonal balance and are also important for overall health. Phytoestrogen Essential Complex includes a standardized pomegranate extract that provides supplemental phytoestrogens and powerful antioxidant support. The phytoestrogens contained in the pomegranate extract have a gentle estrogenic activity to help support hormone homeostasis.

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex Uses and Benefits

  1. One major benefit of Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is that it gently supports a women through the menstrual cycle. This complex is a blend of standard plant phytoestrogens that support hormone balance both gently and naturally.
  2. As mentioned, the complex can be helpful for women throughout many stages of life and changes in the body. Among many benefits, this supplement helps diminish the normal discomfort of menopause. 
  3. The complex also helps support healthy bones, heart, breast tissue, and other body structures and functions as a woman ages. The proprietary combination of phytoestrogens and antioxidants contained in the complex not only supports hormonal balance, but overall female health.
  4. The complex isn’t just useful during times of menstruation, puberty, or menopause, but can be a useful way to help manage hormone levels through the many stages of life. This supplement can be taken daily to help balance and support normal hormone levels throughout a woman’s life.
  5. Another major benefit of the complex is that it has been formulated to provide powerful antioxidant support. The included standardized pomegranate extract is rich in anthocyanins, offering added antioxidant support.

How to Take Phytoestrogen Essential Complex
Pre- and peri-menopausal women, take one to two capsules daily with food or as needed. Post-menopausal women, take two capsules daily with food.

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What People Say…

“Jo offered me tester of the Clary Calm as I was having a hot flush when I was speaking to her. I put a small amount on the back of my neck and to my surprise, it worked, and I cooled down immediately!! I cannot recommend this oil highly enough. I carry it with me every where now and put it on my pillow at night. It is the best thing I have tried.” Linda Barbour

“I have nothing but LOVE for how Jo has helped me.I met Jo at a business networking meeting in January 2019 and, after learning more about how she has helped a variety of ailments, I opened up to her about my potential hormonal issues. I had experienced three miscarriages in a year and I decided in the summer 2019 that it was time to get some help to fall pregnant. Jo had sent me over all the information about an oil called ClaryCalm along with some instructions on how to use and how often. I started using ClaryCalm in July because I had nothing else to lose!

My partner and I had just started to get investigated by the NHS in Sept 2019, but found out in early October that I was pregnant! Of course, you could call it coincidence but using the oil as Jo had directed was the ONLY thing that I had changed and I hadn’t changed my diet or anything else that could have affected my results.

I’m looking forward to hearing about more oils that can help me along with the rest of my pregnancy and for when my baby arrives in June. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anybody who has any hormonal issues and wishes to rebalance them. And I’ve already sent a couple of my friends over to Jo to help them. We are forever grateful. Amazing results. Thanks” Frances Barrett

I hope this information is of use to you – as always if you need any specific guidance please email me anytime, Jo x