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How to support your pets with fleas in a natural way.

It is so amazing to be able to support pet owners in a natural way with protecting their beloved animals with natural essential oils. There are many products that are available but unfortunately there a great number that contain toxic or harsh chemicals.

TerraShieldTerraShield SprayWhether you live in the city or in the countryside we must protect our animals. If you are like me, you do everything you can to protect your whole household that is natural. To start protecting yourselves and your animals from insects and bites the oil that I would recommend is called TerraShield . This oil comes in an oil bottle or as a spray. It is a blend that contains Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Catnip, Lemon Eucalyptus, Litsea, Nootka, Arborvitae, and Vanilla Bean Absolute.

However if your animals have fleas then we need to get rid of these first. First of all, the ONLY way to kill all the nasty stages of the flea (eggs, pupae, larvae and adult) is by temperature. So here is my suggestion:

  1. Wash all bedding, linen and clothes that you can that may have come in contact with flea eggs etc. If you have to hoover any areas I would suggest throwing away the hoover bag.
  2. I have not found a natural product that kills fleas at all stages living ON your pet. So ask your vet and get a one time flea treatment and put it on the back of their neck. Then, once you do that, we can turn back to natural methods.
  3. Put 1 drop of either geranium, lemongrass, or TerraShield essential oil in a cup with a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar and fill the rest with water.  Next, dip a pet comb, not brush, in the solution and start combing the fleas off of them. You will need another cup of just plain water to quickly drown the fleas that you get on the comb, before they jump on you or back onto your pet.  This solution repels the fleas and allows you to get them off your pet quickly. I can only recommend doTERRA oils as I know how pure they are and I am very confident with their sourcing and testing procedures other makes could contain fillers, synthetics and other toxins that may be harmful to our pets are way more sensitive to this than we are.

Here is some further information on Terrashield – The Outdoor Blend