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Did you know you can use these travel pouches for your oils?

These are a very popular option for my clients as they use them for:

Oils for university students

Kids going away to university

Pops in the gym bag

Great for the handbag at work

Wedding day

Everyday oils for the children to take to school

Great for travel and holidays

I find out what my clients needs are and then suggest the 8 individual oils for my client, we have a discussion and then I can make them up for my clients requirements.

I also offer a top up service.

The doTERRA branded key chain conveniently allows for easy access to your favourite oils on-the-go. Comes with eight, empty, amber vials.

  • Zippered pouch contains eight amber vials to store your favourite oils on-the-go.
  • Quality material and sleek grey doTERRA branded design.
  • Conveniently attach your keys.

Please email for further information.