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Trip to Essterre, Bulgaria to the doTERRA Lavender Distillery.

In June 2019 I travelled to Varna in Bulgaria with a friend for a 4 day trip that I had won earlier in the year – I was in the top 100 doTERRA advocates in Europe.

The resort was so beautiful it was right on the beach and we had a huge swimming pool too.


When we visited the distillery it was so much bigger that I had expected (last year I was lucky enough to go to Sicily to see the citrus distillery and this was much smaller).


At this distillery they work with Lavender, Melissa and 1 of the Frankincense resins with lots more in the pipeline.The Frankincense resin store has a value of  9 million dollars!!

We went into the lab area where the testing takes place, and where we could the smell of some of the oils – there were some different smells. There were lots of reports to look at with all the different chemical compounds that were in each oil. All of the technical data is put together here for the oils that are distilled here. It was so interesting to learn about all the many stages that the oils go through and the many testing procedures that each oil goes through.

Mmachines are used in the Lavender fields; one harvests the lavender and the second one plants the seeds.

Here is some of the Melissa all ready for the distilling process


Melissa Plants

Melissa is a very delicate oil and such a small amount will be used – hence the cost is quite high. Here is how the oil is stored ready for sending to Utah (doTERRA head office)


We were with the distillery manager for the day and he educated us on the whole process and everything that happens here at the distillery. We were shown around all of the different areas and the many processes. We were also able to witness the Melissa oil being distilled too – there was such a small amount.

Here is a picture of Katherine and myself at the main distillery

At the main distillery

After the tour had finished we then visited one of the lavender fields – it was beautiful!

Lavender Field

Then it was back to the hotel for some relaxing time by the pool and the beach. Such a great trip with so much education and so many great memories. Thank you to my clients and doTERRA for making this happen.