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Suggested oils for mouth ulcers and cold sores

By Joanne Hunt
Friday, March 26, 2021

Suggested oils for mouth ulcers and cold sores

Essential Oils for mouth ulcersThere have been quite a number of clients asking me for support with cold sores and mouth ulcers over the last few years.

The oil I suggest for both is Melaleuca also known as Tea Tree.

This oil is amazing for supporting the whole body as it is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

It is also simple to use:

  • Just add 1 drop to the end of an ear bud and dab onto areas/s of concern.
  • Melaleuca comes in a pure 15ml 250 drops in a bottle and also a rollerball touch. I would suggest using the pure oil as the touch is diluted.
  • You may find a tingling sensation when you apply, this will soon disappear.
  • I would suggest using this oil for approx. 1 week and you should see both of these issues improve.

"I was once at a wellbeing show and one of the stall holders asked me about an oil for mouth ulcers. I suggested some Melaleuca (and added she may never speak to me again – as it is not the best of tastes). I gave her my bottle to use throughout the day and suggested she used it every 2-3 hours. After the event she came over and showed me in her mouth – they had gone down considerably and 2 had even gone completely!!"